Aromatherapy Massage

Using Pre Blended Quinessence oils to create a truly relaxing massage that is excellent for relieving stress and increasing general wellbeing.

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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants that are massaged into the skin or inhaled. Essential oils are concentrated extracts taken from the roots, leaves, seeds, or blossoms of plants. Each contains its own mix of active ingredients, and this mix determines what the oil is used for.

After-Care for Aromatherapy Massage

  • Try to rest and relax for the remainder of the day, if not, for a few hours at least.
  • You may feel relaxed and sleepy after your treatment. Take care if you are driving or working.
  • Keep warm as massage and relaxation treatments can make you feel more sensitive to the cold.
  • Drink plenty of water after your treatment to rehydrate your body, reduce fatigue and to help eliminate toxins from your body.
  • Avoid alcohol and minimize tea and coffee, try to stick with water and/or herbal teas.
  • Try to avoid eating a heavy meal, eat light for the rest of the day to allow your body to concentrate on the natural healing and encourage detoxification.
  • Sometimes people experience some tenderness for 24 hours or so after a massage. If you do feel a little sore, do some light gentle stretches or take a warm bath with salts. And remember to tell your therapist about your experience so that it can be taken into consideration in your next session.
  • To gain maximum benefit from the oils, try to avoid washing/showering the oils off for a few hours as they will continue to be absorbed by the skin after your treatment has ended.

Maintaining your Results

  • Increase your water intake to 8 glasses a day.
  • Decrease alcohol and smoking consumption to keep skin healthy.
  • Use products as advised by your beauty therapist – these should be specific for your skin type, concerns and budget.
  • For long-term results and as a preventative measure, book in for a facial once every 4 weeks (the ideal scenario) or once every 3 months (the least).


What is the history of Aromatherapy?

Essential oils have been used for therapeutic purposes for nearly 6,000 years. The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used them in cosmetics, perfumes, and drugs. Essential oils were also commonly used for spiritual, therapeutic, hygienic, and ritualistic purposes.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy Massage?

Aromatherapy Massage is a popular way of using essential oils because it works in several ways at the same time. Your skin absorbs essential oils and you also breathe them in. Plus you experience the physical therapy of the massage itself. Aromatherapy can be used to relieve pain, stress, anxiety and depression. It can improve mood, and promotes a sense of relaxation.